Street Code Africa, Empowering Refugees and Disadvantaged Youths Through Technology

As Street Code Africa we are committed and focused on empowering disadvantaged youths with IT Tech Skills with a goal of building Africa’s First Silicon Valley where everyone has an opportunity to efficiently know how to operate a computer.  We teach and train basic computer skills, Computer programming, Graphics Design, Career Guidance to disadvantaged youths, and refugees.

Uganda has a population of almost 45Million and she hosts over 1,370,922 refugees who depend on the small incomes and support provided by the NGOs and government. As Street Code Africa we want to enable Refugees and Disadvantaged youths to learn basic computer skills and computer coding so that they can create income channels using these skills.

We have developed a platform where our trained youths are connected to clients and companies out there having projects to work on. By doing this we are helping the refugees and disadvantaged youths trained to create sources of income with minimal capital required.

What Do We Teach & Train?


General Computer Skills 

Core Coding for Refugees and Disadvantaged people

Computer Programming

Teaching Refugees Graphics Design and Disadvantaged People

Graphics Design

Career Guidance for Refugees

Career Guidance

Africa’s Silicon Valley

We teach people how to CODE for a living whether you have a degree or not.

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Your Donation helps us to sustain these people to CODE by providing basic Needs.


We need those old computers to be donated to our teams to Enable them CODE.

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